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SWEDEN  RELOCATORS AB  was established in 2015.

We offer quality guidance, and effective advice and provide information to our clients to settle down in the country. We provide solutions with Destination Services, Global Mobility Services, Immigration Services, Move Management, Intercultural Communication, Investment in Sweden, Property Management, and IT Solutions.

We provide a portal and app-based solution for individuals and companies. Some key features of our portal and app-based solution are:

Online application and documentation submission: Clients can submit their visa and immigration applications, as well as any required documentation, through the portal or app, making the process more efficient and convenient.

Account management and tracking: Clients can create an account and track the progress of their applications and requests through the portal or app.

Housing and accommodation search: Clients can search for housing and accommodation options through the portal or app, including the ability to filter by location, price, and amenities.

School and education search: Clients can search for schools and education options for their children through the portal or app, including the ability to filter by location, curriculum, and language.

Digital Wallet: Clients can keep track of their expenses and invoices and make payments through the portal or app.

Our Specialization


  • Sign Up on our website or through the mobile app.
  • Book an appointment for required visa catagary
  • Upload your documents as per our request
  • We will complete your visa file and upload it on the web portal or send you to your home address.
  • We book an appointment with Embassy or Gerrys office.
  • You will submit your file.
  • E-Visa clients can directly download their E-Visa from the portal.

Sweden Relocation Services

Assistance in choosing the right degree program and Residence Permit processing for international Students.

Family Relocation

We provide assistance in your family visa processing including your dependent parents and other family members.

Work & Business

Assistance in Registering a business, Buying a new Business, and Preparing work permit applications for Employers and Employees.

Investment Solutions

There are various opportunities for business ventures, Look for the best opportunity. We provide you assistance with the right investments in Sweden. You can use the business section on the portal.