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You have to be in Sweden or on the Swedish border in order to apply for asylum.

Family Reunification

Family reunification is a recognized reason for the immigration of family members to a country.

Personnummer Sweden

The personal identification is a number that the Swedish Tax Agency assigns to person registered in Sweden.

CPR Number Denmark

CPR stands for Det Centrale Personregister, which translates to the Civil Registration System

Work Permit

Permit To Work refers to management systems used to ensure that work is done safely and efficiently.

Business Permit

Swedish business culture is open and innovative, and starting a business there is relatively simple

Business Visit

Foreign people who want to invest in Sweden and stay temporarily for that purpose can apply for business visa.


When you have lived in Sweden for a specified period and meet requirements, you can apply for Swedish citizenship.

Study in EU

If you are thinking about studying abroad, then visit Sweden. Sweden is well known for its world-class academic opportunities.

Global Visit Visas

For visiting Sweden for a short period you will need a visit visa. Sweden follows the same visa rules as others.

EEA Permits

Any EU citizen getting residence in the UK according to the EU rules, can bring their family with them.

Parents EU Permit

Parents of a child under 18 years who is in Sweden can move to sweden if they will live with the child.

Marriage & Divorce

Getting married is beautiful. But to make sure that it will be a good experience, it is important to have legal control.

Company Registration

If you are planning to register your company inside Sweden, you can reach us anytime if you have some queries about it.

House & Offices

we offer you an easy and painless solution where you can get a place to live without any worries.

Appeal Cases

Have you been denied? let’s take a look at your case so that the decision can hopefully be overturned.

EU Citizens Relocation

Family reunification means that a family that has been split up can apply to be allowed to live together.


There are various opportunities for business ventures, Look for the best opportunity, grab it and do your best.

Direct Citizenship by Investments

citizenship-by-investment programs provide ultra-wealthy families with the privilege of a second or third passport.

Permanent Residence

If you lived in Sweden for more than 5 years with the EU right of residence you can get the permanent residence permit.

Golden Visa (Greece - Portugal)

As a member state of the EU, They offer its residents and citizens a number of reassuring benefits.


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