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Swedish market has been witnessing the growing number of foreign companies, especially in the past few years. Sweden has developed a strong and competitive capitalist economy with a generous and universal welfare system that is known as the Nordic Model. With its diverse and stable market, investors are attracted to the country’s growing economy.

There are so many opportunities for business in the country and Future Concerns can help you to connect with other companies in the sector.Some of the reasons that businesses have chosen the Swedish market as their destination are the world-class infrastructure, Low-level of corruption, highly-skilled workforce, capitalistic economy, and friendly business culture.

Sweden’s business climate is very favorable and that’s why it is known as a country of innovation.Many successful and innovative businesses have emerged from Sweden like Ericsson, Sandvik, Spotify, Klarna and many more Sweden has developed a highly competitive capitalist economy with a generous and universal welfare system known as the Nordic Model, making it a very unique opportunity for international investors.

We have scoured Some important steps

To look for business opportunities in Sweden, which are:

Do the

Required Research

In Sweden’s online society, the information is easily accessible, so you should do proper research before investing in any business in Sweden. Statistics Sweden is a website where you can look for anything from the demographics of people to industrial capacity and business opportunities. To be successful in the market, it is essential that the right conditions are in place and the market is favorable for you.

You can also check with the trade organization to get information about the size of the market, types of companies, rules and regulations of that particular sector, and general stats of the market.


Your Network

The key to a successful start-up or business is to build networks with relevant organizations or people in a particular sector. By doing this you will be getting the related information of starting and doing business in Sweden as well as you will get to know the work methodologies of competitors.Besides friends, relatives, and colleagues in Sweden, try to find people with similar ideas and thoughts. You could contact the local branch of Swedish Jobs and Society Foundation or Sweden Business, which help-out new businesses in Sweden to expand their network.


Or Business

A franchisee receives support and help from the parent company and a business person has to do everything on his own. Investment opportunities can be of both type and it is your own choice whether you want to start your own new business or want to get a franchise.There are various opportunities for business ventures in Sweden and you should search for business ventures and should invest in the most suitable one. Both have their pros and cons.


For It

When you have collected all the details and made your mind that where you want to invest in, you should grab the opportunity as soon as possible. The right opportunity might not be in the area where you are residing, and you have to go somewhere else. Sometimes, the opportunity can literally be right in front of your face, but you are blind to it. As the business market is really competitive in Sweden so you might be a big fish in a small pond.

Sweden’s strong finances, political stability, sound banking system, and a healthy economy make it a robust place for investors. For its size, Sweden is among the biggest beneficiaries of the world for foreign or local investment. It has the Nordic economy with the best macroeconomic performance in the past decade. Sweden is one of the best choices for investment if you want to earn a stable and high revenue. Look for the best and most suitable opportunity, grab it and do your best.The easiest way to invest in Sweden is by purchasing the iShares MSCI Sweden Index ETF (NYSE: EWD), while more advanced investors can consider one of many ADRs.There are many benefits and risks that international investors should consider before investing in Sweden.



Investing in Swedish real estate is the best choice if you are looking for sustainable investment opportunities, a stable business environment, and an open society. Investment in real estate in Sweden is a profitable choice because the big cities in Sweden are experiencing remarkable growth rates in real estate prices.

Sweden ranks as most business-friendly and logistically efficient nation worldwide, transporting goods and linking manufacturers and consumers with international markets. A fundamental aspect of the Swedish economy is its open and liberal approach to doing business. The country offers a globalized business environment that makes it easy for overseas organizations to work within. Accomplished professionals, sophisticated business procedures and receptiveness to international partnerships allow an unsurpassed ease of operation. Moreover, 85% of the Swedish population are proficient in English.

Investment in

Swedish real estate makes a great profit

Sweden is a valued destination for international retail businesses. The Swedish economy is the strongest in Europe. Sweden has experienced robust growth in retail sales for 19 consecutive years.

Sweden has experienced a growth in foreign investment in its real estate for several years. The historically low interest rates in conjunction with the availability of finance ensure that Sweden is an increasingly popular market for a diverse range of businesses, especially regarding international retailers, who view Stockholm as one of the most desirable areas to do business in the Scandinavian region.



Sweden is a launch pad for going digital as gamechanging technologies revolutionise more and more industries. By tapping into Sweden’s world class technology skills, innovation clusters and vibrant startup scene, international companies can accelerate their journey to a connected, low-carbon future.



Today’s hyper-connected world is often taken for granted and most people rarely think about what makes all the technology around us work. This may seem paradoxical given the accelerating growth of the ICT industry and global focus on digitalisation.

When it comes to using digital technologies to foster sustainable growth, productivity and social development, Sweden’s performance is second to none. Sweden has made a strong commitment to apply new technologies such as AI and IoT to solve larger societal challenges, while retaining values such as openness, collaboration, integrity and ethics. Swedish SME’s are also in the forefront when it comes to e-commerce and building sales over the internet. The contribution of the ICT industry to Sweden’s economy, as a share of GDP, is among the highest in the world. In fact, only Ireland generates a higher share of value add around computer services. More than quarter of a million people in Sweden are directly employed by ICT companies – but there are many more ICT professionals when counting all those engaged in digitalising other industries. The digital sector accounts for approximately 20 per cent of Sweden’s GDP and employs no less than 18 per cent of the working population in the capital city Stockholm.

As a result, leading tech companies have established their business in Sweden to access the European market, set up R&D or centres of excellence, put new technologies to the test and acquire or partner with Swedish innovators. Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Fujitsu, Google, HCL, HP, IBM, Microsoft, Nvidia, Samsung and Tata are just a few global players who have invested heavily in Sweden.



Sweden is at the forefront of the global race toward Industry 4.0. By tapping into the nation’s automation expertise, thriving industrial clusters and clean energy, manufacturers large and small can lead the way to a greener and smarter future.Sweden is one of the world’s most advanced industrial nations and excels when it comes to integrating digital technologies and adopting sustainable practices across industrial ecosystems and value chains.

Sustainability, innovation and productivity are key components for staying competitive in this decade and beyond. Sweden ranks among the top-ten countries in the world working to develop all three areas. This requires an intrinsic capacity to collaborate, implement new technologies and rapidly adapt to change – all typical traits of Swedish manufacturers that have carved out a leading position in global markets and thrived during previous transformational periods.Industry is the backbone of the Swedish economy and its further development is one of the government’s top priorities. The sector is highly internationalised and employs 20 per cent of the working population, of which 40 per cent are employed by foreign-owned companies. Total exports account for 50 per cent of the nation’s GDP.



Choosing a sustainable lifestyle, including the food you eat, clothes and furniture you buy, comes as second nature to many Swedes. The Creative Industries ecosystem is all about amplifying the impact and international growth of Swedish brands in the vanguard of eco-friendly living.The food industry is Sweden’s third largest sector with a turnover of SEK 200 billion and employs around 48,000 people at 4,800 companies around the country. Sweden’s food imports are currently twice as large as export volumes (approx. SEK 50 billion worth). To turn this development around, the Swedish government has launched the National Food Strategy which aims to facilitate a more self-sufficient and globally competitive food industry by 2030, and to stimulate growth and job creation across the country.



Circularity and healthy, increasingly plant-based food have become major focal points for today’s food producers. Swedish food tech startups and many established companies are now at the forefront of developing plant-based protein products, using the Swedish agricultural tradition to transform traditional crops like oat, peas and lupin into new, healthy food and beverage products. Surveys have shown that one in every five Swedes under the age of 30 identify as either vegan or vegetarian which has spurred demand for vegan brands.

Companies that started out small in Sweden (think Oatly) have broken into major consumer markets abroad such as the US and China. Meanwhile, Sweden’s AgTech sector has rapidly expanded. Collaboration initiatives are ramping up to shape tomorrow’s agriculture by introducing sensors, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and other digital technologies that will optimise food production and harvests. There are at least 20 startups today in the AgTech sector, several of which are addressing global challenges in the food production system.

Another thriving sector in food is aquatec h. Sweden is currently building a land-based fish farming industry powered by renewable energy, where aquaculture systems use water that is recirculated through mechanical and biological filters.




Boutique business is one of the thriving small-scale businesses in the fashion industry that an aspiring entrepreneur can start in Sweden. Interest in fashion is big in Sweden and the country is headquartering famous brands like Hennes & Mauritz (operating as H&M), J. Lindeberg (operating as JL), Acne, Lindex, Odd Molly, Cheap Monday, Gant, WESC, Filippa K, and Nakkna within its borders.

All that is required to launch this type of business is a store that is well positioned and money to stock your boutique with clothes and fashion accessories from different clothing labels/designers. The truth is that if your boutique is well located and stocked with quality clothes and fashion accessories, you are likely not going to struggle to attract customers.


Shoes, Sandals, Slippers and Belts

Aside from running a boutique which is a good small-scale business in the fashion industry, opening a store where shoes, sandals, slippers and belts are sold is yet another easy to setup business that an entrepreneur should consider starting. It is indeed a profitable, easy to start, easy to manage and thriving business especially if the business is well positioned.

So, if you are looking towards leveraging on the big market in the fashion industry in Sweden to start a business, then you should consider opening a store that sells shoes, sandals, slippers, belts, wallets, hats, caps and general leather works as it relates to fashion.


Perfume Store

It is safe to say that wearing a nice smelling perfume from a good perfume designer gives one confidence. Retailing of perfumes from different designers is yet another profitable small-scale business that an entrepreneur can consider starting in Sweden.

This type of business is simple to start and it is also easy to manage. Some of the major things you need to do to get the business running is to rent or lease a shop, and then stock the shop with various brands of perfume. If you are able to secure a good location perhaps in a busy market, you won’t struggle to make daily sales.


Jewelries and Fashion Accessories

If you have cash and you are looking for a viable small-scale business to start in Sweden, then you should look towards starting your own jewelry and fashion accessories shop; a shop where you can sell necklaces, rings, earrings, bangles, ribbons, hairband et al.

It is indeed a viable and profitable business and aside from the fact that you can sell these items from your shop, you can as well take your fashion accessories to places where you can attract sales. It could be the homes of your family members and friends or even a place where people meet to network.


Consignment Shop

There are several stuffs that can be sold in a consignment shop and if you are looking towards starting a business in Sweden that requires minimal startup capital, a business that is thriving and profitable, then you should consider opening a consignment shop that deals in fashion wears; a place where people with low income can purchase neatly used suits, shirts, belts, caps, handbags, shoes, wristwatches et al.

As a matter of fact, there is a large market for secondhand stuffs all over the globe. It is important to locate this type of business in a place that is densely populated by people of low income and a migrant community seems to be an ideal place to start this type of business in Sweden.


Bridal Shop

A bridal shop is a place where everything about weddings are sold. Wedding gown, shoes, veil and other wedding accessories are part of what you will find in a typical bridal shop. Retailing of wedding gowns and other wedding accessories is indeed a thriving and profitable fashion related business that any serious – minded entrepreneur can successfully launch.

So, if you are looking towards starting a small- scale business in Sweden, a business that does not require training or special skills to manage, then one of your options is to open a wedding shop



Restaurant business is yet another thriving business that can be started on a small-scale in Sweden. Just ensure that you have a blend of both local and international dishes in your restaurant and you will attract both locals and migrants on a regular basis.

Swedish traditional dishes, some of which are hundreds of years old, are still an important part of Swedish everyday meals, in spite of the fact that modern-day Swedish cuisine adopts many international dishes.


Sport Shop

Sport activities are a national movement with half of the population actively participating in organized sporting activities. The two main spectator sports are football and ice hockey. In essence, if you are interested in starting a small-scale business in Sweden, then you should consider opening a sport shop.

Just ensure that your shop is stocked with a wide range of sporting goods and above all, your shop must be strategically located if you intend maximizing profits from this line of business

If you are an investor who is interested and is either living abroad or in Sweden, you can feel free to contact us