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Legal Relocation Solutions for worldwide Clients

Family reunification is a recognized reason for the immigration of family members to a country where one or more family members already reside. If a person is an EU citizen or has a permanent residence permit or is an individual who needs subsidiary protection, then you may have the right to invite your family to that country.

For visiting Sweden for a short period you will need a visit visa. Visiting for a short tour, meeting your relatives, visiting friends, or business meeting you need to consider a short visit to Sweden which is called the Schengen tourist visa. Sweden follows the same visa rules as other European countries because it is also part of the Schengen agreement.

Currently, every EU country has a different process for granting work permits to nationals of non-EU countries. To address this issue, the European Commission began work in 1999 on developing an EU-wide process for the entry of non-EU nationals into the workforce. For a work permit, you must have received an official offer of employment from a Swedish employer.

If you are thinking about studying abroad, then visit Sweden. Studying in Sweden is unique, and you will not find an experience like it anywhere else in the world. Swedish educational institutions provide an exciting as well as an open environment, with a strong focus on cooperation. This will give you valuable skills that you cannot find at other universities across the world.

When you have lived in Sweden for a specified period and meet requirements, you can apply for Swedish citizenship. Normally after 5 years you are eligible to apply.

There are various opportunities for business ventures, Look for the best opportunity, grab it and do your best. For more signup and see the Business Section on My Page.

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EU Family Reunification Solutions

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The EU Member States must issue a residence card to the family members, which must be valid for at least five years and renewable. The EU Member States may also require the family members to pass a language test and to have health insurance.

Overall, the EU family reunification directive aims to provide a balance between the right to respect for family life and the EU’s immigration policy and security concerns.

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EU Residence Card

Family Reunification

In the European Union (EU), the right to family reunification is protected by the EU’s Charter of Fundamental Rights. The EU has established a common set of rules for family reunification for third-country nationals (non-EU citizens) who are living in an EU Member State. These rules are set out in the Family Reunification Directive (2003/86/EC).

According to the Directive, the EU Member States must facilitate the reunification of third-country nationals with their spouse and minor children in their territory. The EU Member States have some discretion in determining the conditions for family reunification, but in general, the process must be efficient, transparent, and non-discriminatory.

The third-country national must be legally resident in an EU Member State and must be able to support his or her family members financially and provide them with adequate accommodation. The family members must also not be a threat to public security or public health.


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Relocating to Sweden?

Moving abroad is an exciting yet stressful task. People migrate to different countries because of many reasons. People move to other countries to pursue better job opportunities, better education systems, better living standards, health systems, or due to their Family ties.

We provide a wide range of services to individuals, families, and companies to relocate their employees to Sweden :

Visa and immigration services: We can assist with the application process for various types of visas, including work visas, student visas, and family reunification visas. They can also provide guidance on immigration laws and regulations, and help with the documentation required for the application process.



Step-By-Step Assistance

Departure-Arrival Services

Housing and accommodation services: We can help find suitable housing for the individual or family, including rental properties or purchasing a home. They can also provide advice on local neighborhoods and the cost of living in the new country.

School and education services: For families with children, we assist with the enrollment process for local schools, and provide information on educational systems and curriculums.

Cultural and language services: We can provide information and resources on the culture, customs, and language of the new country, and may offer language classes or cultural training.

Legal services: We can help with the legal aspects of the move, such as tax and financial advice, and can provide guidance on local laws and regulations.

Logistics services: We can help with the physical aspect of the move, including packing and shipping household goods, customs clearance, and transportation.

Settling-in services: We can provide assistance to help you to settle into your new home and surroundings, such as setting up utilities, arranging for home cleaning, or arranging for a handyman.



Work Permit & Extensions

Applying for work permit?

We will help you with preparing permit applications
Whether you are a Swedish company or a foreign employer who is facing problems with working permits inside Sweden we have easy solutions for you. You won’t be wasting enough time on how to apply for a Swedish work permit. We will do it for you easily and conveniently. You will not have to wait for 12 months in case of incorrect or incomplete applications. Our company will do it for you in good time. Download our app and discuss your case directly with our team.

Business & Investment Solutions

Business in Sweden

If you are planning to invest in Sweden, you might need to apply for the residence permit
We have a complete solution for all your problems while starting a new business or opening a franchise of your existing business in Sweden. Our company will deliver the service of providing the resident permit that will align with your plan easily. You will need a detailed plan for your business, a bank statement that shows that you have enough capital to invest in your business along with other enough funds to show that you can support your family and yourself while staying in Sweden during the first two years. Don’t forget to use our Assessment tool to find out more.

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We are here to provide you complete Relocation Services, including Housing, Kids School, Visa Services, Registration for Social Benefits, Language School, Integration activities etc.

Business Permit 80%
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Family Reunification 96%
Study in Sweden 96%
Long Term EU Resident 93%

Instant Housing Solutions

Home Loans &
Secure Home Rental Solutions

The first crucial step when relocating to Sweden is the right home for you and your family. We provide instant housing solutions with our housing partner companies. You can find the apartment or rent out your apartment by providing information on our Housing Solutions page.

Professional Legal Services by Lawyers

We can provide Lawyers for
Legal Issues

The universe in which people live is full of actions and decisions considered as right and wrong. Legal services are defined as services related to government laws or legal issues such as providing legal advice, filing a case, defending against criminal charges, etc., which lawyers provided. We are working with different individuals lawyers and law firms where they can provide you solutions to your ongoing issues.

AU-Pair Services for Nordic Families

Solutions for Host Families &
AU Pair

An Au Pair is a young person living abroad with a Host Family and taking care of the children in exchange for accommodation and pocket money.

The Au Pair program is an international cultural exchange that gives the possibility to young people to spend some time abroad, learn more about a different culture, improve their skills in a foreign language in exchange for help with duties related to childcare. The term “au pair” from French means “on equal terms”, signifying that Au Pair and Host Family treat each other as equals.

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