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5 Reasons You Should Plan For Moving Out Of Sweden

Relocation is a lofty decision to make on part of an individual more or so, and on a family too. Relocation brings about the obvious challenges that a human might face in a foreign land. At times even relocating to a city might seem a gigantic change than changing your country code too. If all fails and despite all efforts, you have trouble accommodating yourself and your family, you might need to plan a relocation. And here is why you should plan moving out of Sweden in unpropitious times.

Unfriendly Environment

Have you made friends yet? The statistics say you haven’t. Many local surveys point out this disturbing lack of friendliness on the locals’ part. Despite high standards of living in Sweden expats fail to feel at home in this Scandinavian country. Home to many luxuries and beautiful coastal cities in the country, however, fails to make foreigners feel at home. With the people distant and seemingly unfriendly, they give a cold shoulder to immigrants.

“I made two mistakes going to Stockholm, I went alone and I went in November”

Says a student who traveled there. No man is an island and certainly in this country of islands, one must have a hard time surviving alone.

Dark Dreary Winters

Winters, well a short cool winter season who doesn’t appreciate that. But when it gets too long it gets hard to bear by the day. The sunsets at 3 pm. An extraordinarily short day! How many of us have found ourselves longing for the sun in the mild winters back home? But in Sweden, you must survive the winters and do so without the sun peeking at you from time to time for respite. The grey colored skies and too short days do not help and it makes the atmosphere gloom stricken, deprived of energy for even daily chores.

Taxes Take a Toll on You!

Even if one manages to secure a high paying job, that taxation demands that you give much of your hard-earned money to the government. Sweden is one of the richest countries as per GDP production but most of it goes as taxes. Proud owner of many International businesses Sweden sure sounds attractive but the home of the luxurious” Volvo cars” takes a toll on your income.

To Rent or To Buy?

Moved to Sweden? Bet you had a hard time finding a place to live. This explains the reputation of simple furniture and minimal decorative sense. Rents in Sweden are sky-high, gobbling up to 30 % of one’s salary. It might even be a luxury to afford a decent place on rent. The policy of short rental contracts will have you moving from one place to another before you find a permanent residence. People need to wait for years before they can afford decent housing. If you want to spend your hard-earned money on improving your lifestyle you might consider a relocation so you may afford a decent residence and focus on bigger things in life.

Satisfied with Your Work?

The first barrier you might have faced in Sweden is the language. And even after you have mastered the Swedish language it is only self-explanatory that the corporations prefer Swedish people who have a better grasp on Swedish ways of working and most importantly are native speakers of the language. Most of the foreigners in Sweden are forced to work at restaurants and bars. The education saturation demands extraordinary skills from a foreigner for him to be able to replace the natives at high-quality jobs.

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