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Need A Work Permit In Sweden? Here Is What You Need To Do

Are you planning to move to Sweden for work? Everyone wants to look for better opportunities to earn a standard living for themselves and their families. As Sweden is known for its strong and growing economy, people are attracted to migrate to Sweden to find better jobs.

If you are moving from the EU, then you are entitled to work in Sweden without a permit and your family can join you as long as you have the right to of residence in Sweden. Citizens of countries outside the EU need to apply for a work permit if they want to migrate to Sweden to look for jobs. You have to follow a step by step to get a Swedish work permit and we are here to guide you thoroughly in this regard.

Apply for a work permit

First thing first, you need to apply for a work permit and should know the basic rules and regulations. Citizens of Australia, Chile, Argentina, South Korea, New Zealand, and Hong Kong can apply for a holiday working visa for one year. For employment that is for less than three months, citizens of certain countries should have both a valid visa and a work permit. It is to be noted that employees of some specific domains might be exempt from the regulations of work permit.

Requirements for permit

To obtain the work permit for Sweden, you should have an employment offer from any Swedish employer. While applying online, you will be given instructions about how to fill the application form and the required documents you should send along with the application form.

You must have an official job letter from a Swedish employer and the job must:

  • Be advertised in the EU/EEA newspaper for at least ten days
  • Have terms that comply with those set by the Swedish collective agreement
  • Pay a minimum salary or wage rate of SEK 13,000 before tax

Besides this, you must have a valid passport in your home country or the country you are currently residing in.

The application processes

You must apply for the work permit long before your date of joining as you must have a work permit for getting the visa. In some exceptional cases, you can apply for a work permit from Sweden if you are already in the country. You will need these documents for sending the application form which are:

  • Letter of employment approved by the relevant trade union
  • Complete and rightly filled application form
  • Copies of the passport showing the personal data and validity date
  • The proof of permission of living in other countries by your home country’s government (usually available on the passport)
  • The application fees

Compile these documents and submit the application online or by hand in your closest Swedish embassy. The migration agency, will then, consider your application and will check the details. The provided details of the person are checked for authenticity and then they will give you an estimated waiting time.

The process of applying for a work permit for Sweden seems quite simple and is transparent. The applicant will be informed by the migration agency about the application status from time to time or you can check the details online. Besides this, you will also need to apply for the extension of your work permit time to time after the expiry of the current permit and the process is quite similar to this one. If you apply for the extension well before the expiry date of your work permit, then you will be allowed to keep on working in the country till the decision.

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