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Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid Of Visiting Sweden

Visiting Sweden may not be the hot pick for a holiday as compared to the other Western countries but it is the country where you can deal with lesser crowd and take your time to see all the beautiful landmarks. Afterall a holiday is all about giving yourself more relaxation. Swedes are known for their friendliness and tolerance. The country is considered to be one of the happiest and the safest amongst the other European countries, with less crime. If you have always been in awe of the Northern Lights, then the plan to visit Sweden has to be on your to-do list. This Scandinavian country has much more than this to offer and it becomes really hard for us to narrow down the list of reasons to visit Sweden. Anyhow, we are giving it a try and we hope knowing about these top 6 reasons will worth your time.

Experience the Hospitality 

What we have concluded so far from online surveys is that Sweden has got one of the most tolerant and friendliest locals across the globe. In the past, there might have been rumors about their bad reputation in treating foreigners but now Swedes are on the way of becoming a prosperous nation. They take pride in serving the visitors and impress them by their hospitality. Bygone are the days when they were considered rude and introvert. According to a report by The Telegraph, they are now on 14th rank all over the world in Tolerance Index. Woah! That is such a moment of relief for all of us who were suspicious and couldn’t add Sweden in our bucket list.

Since Winter is Coming So Why Not the Sports

Sweden has got all the colours. No matter whether you are a summer lover or a sucker for winter it has so much to offer. We can say that Sweden can be considered as a heaven for all the winter hustle especially the sports. From alpine skiing to snowboarding you can enjoy a wide range of outdoor activities, full of thrill and fun.

A Blend of Urban Bustle and Country Side Panorama

Apart from historic buildings and churches, Swedish cities have got all the essentials of what we call an urban life hustle and bustle. From the capital city of Stockholm to the 5th largest Nordic city Gothenburg there are amusement parks all across the country. Liseberg, Grona Lund, and many other parks are attracting thousands of local and international visitors each year. And this is one side of the story, like other Scandinavian countries Sweden is blessed with wide landscapes, mesmerizing national parks and a spectacular panorama of green lush fields.

Roam freely and feel the Swedish Vibes

Here we will advise you to give a shut-up call to all those who keep on labeling Sweden as a dangerous and not-so-easy going country for visitors. Believe me, it is an incredible place where you can roam freely from one corner of the country to another. You may need to beware of pickpockets but that is quite an obvious thing to take care of. Right? We all do that even at the airport checkouts that are considered safest of all. If you are an avid traveler, you can easily manage this and it won’t trouble you much.

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